Planting Fun!

English language learners and their families, as well as volunteers from The Talking Bridge, participated in Planting Day. In addition to flowers, they planted lettuce, kale, tomatoes, mint, oregano, and basil.

The Talking Bridge tends to two plots of the twenty-three community garden beds located at the Kilton Library.


Happy Birthday to US!

Earlier this week we celebrated 3 birthdays, including our own! We were blessed with another one of Angie’s  chocolate Brigadeiro cakes! Yum!! To many more years of Talking Bridge!

B57 Anyone?

We’ve spent the last few weeks learning vocabulary related to games.
And of course we’ve been having fun playing games such as: Scrabble, Bananagrams, Jenga, assorted paper-and-pencil games, Jeopardy and Bingo.

Thanks for the photos Phil & Maria!

TTB Out and About

At last week’s “Burritos! NOT Borders,” fundraising dinner for Migrant Justice and the Upper Valley Refugee Working Group, TTB’s creator Maria, spoke about the need for inclusion, intercultural dialogue, and the work TBB has been doing. She was joined by in the audience by about a dozen TTB friends, learners and tutors.

Photos by Sonia!


2018 was a busy year for us. After many months of brainstorming and conceptualization, the The Talking Bridge was finally created! Meetings have been held weekly with many learners and tutors coming energized to practice English and meet one another. We are thrilled with the outpouring of support we’ve been receiving from our community! Because of this support, we have been able to produce successful events, such as our December Potluck! We were able to enjoy foods like Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread), Inari Sushi, and Homemade Tomato Soup. Fun Fact: in addition to having a diverse group of people in attendance, we were joined by 3 different people named Yuri from 3 different countries and continents.

Thanks for the pix Manny!

Happy Monday!

Nothing like chocolate cake to energize and cheer up English language learners and tutors!

Angie, a learner from Brazil, baked us a wonderful cake! Even though she was unable to come to the meeting, she made sure to get it to us. Her version of a traditional Brazilian chocolate Brigadeiro cake was endorsed by fellow Brazilian learners, and received critical acclaim by all others. Some were impressed by how moist the cake was, other’s by the chocolate lava center.

One tutor exclaimed, “It’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had!”

Sharing cake, sparked a fruitful discussion between learners and tutors. First about baking in general, and later about traditional american pastry. Many newcomers said they were excited to try fall treats such as pumpkin pie. They may have the opportunity in November, or December, when we will meet again for another potluck [see event page for details].

After a unanimous vote, it was agreed that desserts should be shared more frequently! The problem: No one volunteered for next week. Angie’s cake was so good, it might be hard to compete!

Obrigada to Angie for brightening our day, and to Sonia, for sharing some lovely photos!


Community Potluck II

Learners, tutors, family, friends, and community members gathered again to share a delicious (and nutritious) meal together. While there were many tasty dishes showcasing cuisines from around the world, the highlights of the meal were the sides and salads made fresh with ingredients from our very own community garden! Many of the learners have spent their free time outside this summer planting tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, basil, and variety of other luscious fruits and vegetables. While working in the garden, they’ve been able to practice their English and get to know each other better.

Community Potluck

We had our first community potluck in which we welcomed more than 40 learners, tutors and their families. We had a great time trying traditional foods from China, Moldova, Brazil, Mexico, Ukraine, El Salvador, Colombia and the USA. We were also lucky to have Paul who brought along his guitar and sang some songs in English and Spanish with us! We can’t wait to meet again in August when the vegetables will be shared from our community garden!